Key figures per 01.01.2010:

There are 459 000 immigrants and

93 000 Norwegian-born persons with immigrant parents living in Norway. Together these two groups represent 11.4 per cent of Norway's population.

Immigrants and Norwegian-born persons with immigrant parents are represented in all Norwegian municipalities. Oslo has the largest proportion with 27 per cent, or 160 500 people.

Almost half of all the immigrants come from Asia, Africa or Latin-America.

2 in 10 immigrants have lived in Norway for more than 20 years, and 4 in 10 have lived here for 4 years or less.

57 per cent of all Norwegian-born persons with immigrant parents have parents with an Asian background. 17 per cent are 20 years or older.


تصاويري از يك زندان در نروژ

Minifacts about Norway 2005

Official name

The Kingdom of Norway

System of government

Constitutional monarchy

The Royal Family

Harald V, King of Norway, born 21 February 1937

Sonja, Queen of Norway, born 4 July 1937

Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway, born 20 July 1973

Mette-Marit, Crown Princess of Norway, born 19 August 1973

Ingrid Alexandra, Princess of Norway, born 21 Jan. 2004


The Kingdom of Norway: 385 155 km2

Mainland: 323 758 km2 (7.6 per cent protected)

Svalbard and Jan Mayen: 61 397 km2 (57.1 per cent protected)


4 604 800, as of 1 Jan. 2005

Monetary unit

Norwegian kroner, NOK

1 USD = NOK 6,27 (Nov. 2004)

Length of coastline

25 148 km, including fjords

Largest lake

Mjّsa, 362 sq. km

Highest mountain

Galdhّpiggen, 2 469 m

Economic indicators

Inflation rate, 2004: 0,4 per cent

Gross domestic product (GDP), 2003: 1 562 000 mill. NOK

Gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, 2003: 342 000 

Explanation of Symbols


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Less than 0.5 of unit employed

Provisional or preliminary figure

Norwegian kroner

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in cooperation with Statistics Norway

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(Norwegian Text):

Fakta om Norge



Areal (km²):

Innbyggere (2002):

Innbyggere per km²:




BNP (mill. USD, 2001):

BNP (per innb. USD):



Befolkningsvekst (1995-2000):

Gjennomsnittlig levealder (2000):


Hans Majestet Kong Harald V

Statsminister Jens Stoltenberg

386 958

4 525 000



Norsk (bokmهl og nynorsk)

(samisk er likestilt i noen kommuner)

Protestantisk kristendom

152 049

30 800

1 Krone = 100 ّre

17. mai (grunnlovsdag)



Bazar is a multilingual information service provided by The Deichman Library. Here you can find out about Norwegian employment issues, family matters, language learning, health, housing, government, integration & racial concerns, religion and more...


The Norwegian Language Council

(Norsk sprهkrهd) has links to a number of articles about the Norwegian language, information on language course textbooks, tapes and CDs, and suggestions to useful grammars and dictionaries. http://www.sprakrad.no/templates/Page.aspx?id=3042



آرنه نس ، فیلسوف بزرگ و مردمی نروژ درگذشت


   Henrik Ibsen

              (1828 - 1906)

Henrik Ibsen is one of the very greatest names in world literature. He was a central figure in the modern break-through in the intellectual life of Europe, and is considered the father of modern drama. His plays are still highly topical, and continue to be staged in all parts of the world. It is said that Ibsen is the most frequently performed dramatist in the world after Shakespeare.

More about Ibsen

ترجمه‌ي اصغر رستگار از آثار ايبسن از انتشار بازماند

هنریک ایبسن


                    Lars Saabye Christensen (1953 - )

Lars Saabye Christensen is a gifted storyteller, a narrator who is imaginative, but equally down to earth. His realism alternates between poetic image and ingenious incident, conveyed in supple metropolitan language and slang that never smacks of the artificial or forced. His heroes possess a good deal of self-irony. Indeed, critics have drawn parallels with the black humour of Woody Allen. But beneath the liveliness of his portrayal there always lurks a melancholy undertone in the books.

More about Lars Saabye Christensen


A former philosophy teacher whose best-known novel, Sophie's World, was a surprise international best-seller, Jostein Gaarder is one of the most popular of contemporary Scandinavian authors. With over 20 million copies of Sophie in print and with an entire industry having sprung up around that one book -- there's a movie, a musical, a boardgame, even a CD-ROM based on the book -- he is presumably also one of the wealthiest.


Per Petterson Ut og stjæle hester

 Per Petterson tildelt The International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award


                                    The Norwegian Nobel Institute

The principal duty of the Nobel Institute is to assist the Nobel Committee in the task of selecting the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and to organize the annual Nobel events in Oslo.

2003:Shirin Ebadi, Iran, 1947-

For her efforts for democracy and human rights, especially the rights of women and children, in Iran and the Muslim world in general.


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